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Anti Piracy CCTV Recording Systems for Shipping
Wheelhouse Status Monitoring, Man Overboard and Early Detection of Fast Approaching Vessels
Multi-Camera Anti-Piracy Recording Systems Supplied and Installed
Live Monitor from the Ship's Wheelhouse or Chart Room, or 'Live Remote View' via Satellite
Fixed and PTZ cameras, Low Light, Intelligent IR, Dual IR and Thermal Imaging options
Effective CCTV recording and transmission systems, from small ships to ocean tankers requires a wide scope of specialised technical expertise, components and resources
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Image below left taken from one of Shell's Super Tankers, system installed by Pro-Edge Limited.  Right Singapore Harbour
At Pro-Edge Limited we can offer a whole host of camera options to best cope with the variable lighting conditions experienced internal to the ship and externally.
Specialist camera technology to deal with extremes of light, total darkness, rain, fog.
Man overboard up to 1,500Mtrs larger objects up to 5,000Mtrs 
Rugged vandal resistant design.  Provides optical video and high resolution thermal outputs
Man detection up to 1,500Mtrs, larger objects up to 5,000Mtrs
Digital 36 x zoom
Housed in a hard anodized aluminium casing fully rated to IP67 and able to handle the
harshest environments.
Toughened optically flat glass provides clear images, even at the highest zoom levels.
Integrated wiper.  Pan tilt and zoom (PTZ)
Can be mounted upright or inverted.  Mounting arm options.  360 degree rotation
Sony lens, 520TVL resolution, operating temperature -20deg ~ 50deg, -40deg with optional heater.  Pan tilt bearings sealed for life.  Black or white finish.
Rugged vandal resistant design. Provides LED infra red illumination for night vision.
Sufficient brightness to provide a 100Mtr usable throw.
Digital 36 x zoom
Housed in a hard anodized aluminium casing fully rated to IP67 and able to handle the
harshest environments.
Toughened optically flat glass provides clear images, even at the highest zoom levels.
Integrated wiper. Pan tilt and zoom (PTZ)
Can be mounted upright or inverted. Mounting arm options. 360 degree rotation
Sony lens, 520TVL resolution, operating temperature -20deg ~ 50deg, -40deg with optional heater.
Pan tilt bearings sealed for life.  Black or white finish.
PE612-V6 Explosion Proof ROBOT Camera
  • PE612-V6 is a robust designed pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) day/night view camera.  
  • Machined from 316L Stainless Steel with integrated Day/Night IOP camera module, central processing module and variable high-speed pan tilt motor enclosure.
  • Explosion, Water, Vandal, Bullet, Corrosion Dust resistant design.
  • 360 degree Pan and Tilt rotation.
  • Ideal for Marine, Military, Perimeter protection, Oil Rigs, Oil & Gas Installations, Prisons, Nuclear Plants, Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, Embassies, Airports, Government Buildings, Banks and Vehicle protection/surveillance
  • Wiper, heater and internal temperature control
  • Back light and WDR functions
Other makes and model of Explosion Proof cameras also available, including fixed, IR - Thermal exterior cameras
Ruggedized Monitors for Wheelhouse/Radar Room
Metal cased high definition professional monitors, 15" 17" and 19" options. 
Flat glass protection screen. Selection of mounting options.
Install one or more e.g. to wheelhouse, chart room, radar room.
Monitor activity and early warning facility for Port, Starboard, Aft,
even in total darkness and fog.
Digital video recorders are subjected to the effects of vibration sustained in shipping, this is where we can supply high-end professional recorders with shock resistant mounting systems. 
With 4 - 8 and 16 channel options these compact recorders are equally at home in Fire Tenders, Ambulances, Police Vehicles, Coaches, Buses, Heavy Goods, Rail, therefore ideally suited for Shipping applications.  
Recording in 'real time' with high quality images, audio recording and long record time options.  'Hot Swappable' Hard Drive options
Recorders can also be connected to a router for 3G, Wi-Fi WLAN and Satellite image transmission, using 360 Eye-Data® global technology, enabling remote 'live' viewing from anywhere in the world.  Duplicated data can also be sent to Cloud for safe post-event retrieval.
Fog, rain, sleet and wash from the elements affect the quality of live images recorded through a wheelhouse window. 
We can connect specialist fog processing technology to selected cameras of the CCTV system to minimize the affects of the elements, automatically improving recorded images.  


Stabilization of source power for the many components involved is vital to avoid problems  
Custom designed and built power supplies for specialised shipping CCTV recording, camera and transmission systems
To avoid the problems of intermittent power loss and mains spikes we can integrate an emergency power supply back-up system.
For prolonged power cuts, the UPS allows safe use and shut down of systems until power is restored
Anti-Piracy CCTV 8/16 x Digital Video Recorder 
Intelligent Digital Video Recorder (DVR) NDVR
1500GB Hard Drive Storage
Full H264 Compression
Full D1 Resolution
Floating internal shock mount HDD system
User Friendly GUI menu
9-36VDC applications
Self monitoring analysis
Built in GPS tracking module
Options include
GPS Tracking
Live monitoring via 3G WI-FI WLAN
Dual stream WLAN/3G management, remote analysis
Image watermark protection
System Options Available:
  • Professional Transport Specification Digital Video Recorders 
  • Large Hard Drive storage options
  • Multi 1TB recorder options
  • Single to Multi Camera Installations
  • Rugged PTZ IR Cameras
  • Rugged PTZ Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Explosion proof stainless case cameras
  • Fog Processor Technology For Automatic Improvement of Poor Images
  • Power Supply Stabilization
  • Emergency Power Supply In The Event of Power Failure
  • Anti-Shock Stabilization
  • Long Record Times
  • Audio Recording
  • High Performance Day/Night Cameras
  • 3.5G Wi-Fi VPN WLAN ADSL2+ Routers
  • Connect To On-Board Computer/Router
  • Live Image Transmission Via Satellite
  • View Live Images From Monitor or Remote Locations
  • Data can be transmitted to Cloud
  • AES 256 Military specification cypher encryption of remotely transmitted data (cypher encrypted 15 times a second)
Typical Anti-Piracy Components Installation
Flat screen, LCD Metal Cased Professional Monitor
8/16 Channel Digital Video Recorder
Mouse Control of GUI Menu
UPS Power Supply (to right of monitor)
Provides terminal connections and power source to DVR, Monitor and Internal cameras
Reduces 110VT to a stabilised 12VDC supply
Emergency internal power pack maintains current in the event of the ship's power failure
Protects components from mains spikes
Our newly designed systems integrate the NDVR within the locked UPS housing, with the monitor attached to the front access panel, reducing the area footprint and at the same time improving security and integrity of the components

The PE-HT10-T offers a compact, low profile explosion-proof housing with a choice of high quality thermal camera modules to suit your installation.

The PE-HT10-T unit features a tough cylindrical stainless steel housing with a hardened glass lens, all sealed to the maximum IP68 specification.  The integral fixing plate allows the housing to be easily secured to either a rigid mount or an industry standard pan/tilt mechanism, as required.

Fully tested and certified for use in explosive and flammable atmospheres, the PE-HT10-T housing also offers a wide operating temperature range, from -450C to +600C when the Auto-Heat feature is enabled.

The PE-HT10-T housing is available fitted with any thermal camera modules from the Octopus range. Alternatively, the housing is available unpopulated.

Key features

• Explosion proof stainless steel enclosure

• Neat and discrete design

• Enclosure fully rated to IP68

• Hardened glass lens

• Indoor or outdoor all weather use

Max dimensions 360mm x 160mm 
Our engineers can work alongside your IT technicians to oversee installations and commission systems, configure router, Internet and satellite connections
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IT and Thermal Imaging Solutions for Anti-Piracy CCTV  
Latest IP technology transport cameras providing broadcast quality images
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