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 False Insurance Claims £10K+ a year
 Flash for Cash Claims £10K+ a year
 Cash for Cash £10K+ a year
 Out of Court Settlements £10K+ a year
 Increased Insurance Costs £5K a year
 False Whiplash Claims £10K a year
 Lost Delivery Time & Rising Fuel Costs £5K a year
 Accident Damage & Lost Customers £5K a year

With High Definition and Wide Dynamic Recording, Built-in Wi-Fi, Lane Departure Warning, Safely Camera Warning, Collision Warning system, the alternative cameras are far superior in every way to the Winy range.

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        Defence evidence captured in action, click on link below

What would have been a hefty claim against our customer, was outright rejected by JCB Insurance Services                            when camera video evidence was produced

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Protection against false insurance and whiplash claims, reduce accidents and running costs, stabilise insurance premiums, protect drivers and assets, defence against 50-50 claim settlements, reduced fuel consumption

Prevention being better than cure, on request we supply a self adhesive reflective warning sticker with each recording system.


Shock decision of the UK importers announcing this month (March 2017) to withdraw from dealing with WINY.  This withdrawal has unfortunately had a detrimental affect on resources for the Winy range.  This was not our wish or intention and we can only apologise as we relied on the importers for spares and after sales support. 

Although the Winy range had provided consistency of image quality, technology had not developed and kept pace with current fleet transport demands.  Pro-Edge have tested and approved a replacement dash camera system providing a host of protection improvements and full high definition images.  We now have a better product to offer.

 Quote from JCB Insurance Services

As advised, my clients who are running with your cameras have seen huge improvements on their claims experience, they seem to have transformed the drivers behaviour, ultimately ending with reduced insurance costs after a period of time, and insurance available with first class insurers.

Transport company mounted the second camera of the Winy V200HD on the passengers side.  Caught image through widow and mirror.
High definition images from both cameras at just £224.99 ex VAT


For information on multi-camera vehicle CCTV recording systems please click HERE
1 year warranty on camera, excludes anything other than manufacturing faults.  Micro SD Cards carry a six months warranty.  All return postage at customers expense.  To remain impartial faulty items will be returned to the manufacturers for their decision whether to repair/replace or make a charge.  The manufacturers decision will be final.  Pro-Edge will not be liable for the loss, damage or safety of goods in transit, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to arrange insurance of any items.
Pro-Edge or the manufacturers iPixi shall not be liable for any loss or damage sustained or incurred by the Buyer or any third party resulting from any breakdown of or fault in the supplied products, unless caused by the negligence or misconduct of Pro-Edge, iPixi, it’s employees or sub-contractors.

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