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Tyre Life Extender and Puncture Preventative
A once only installation, applied 'Before' Punctures Occur

Permanent Protection from Punctures and

Blow-Outs, Extends Tyre Life, Improves MPG

Seals punctures, "as they happen" 
Tested for 66,000 miles round the world in a Toyota Land Cruiser by Tim Dennis. 
See fuel saving testimony from Silvie and Neil, Rambling Rat to Africa  


Huge savings for fleet vehicle owners
Bulk Container samples:
20 Ltr Workshop Container 
Available in various grades: 
Heavy goods, motor cycles, cars, caravans,
trailers, horse boxes, off-road,
scooters, ride on mowers, cycles, camper vans, wheel barrows, LGV, farm vehicles,
dump trucks, giant earth movers 
High Pressure
Application Pumps
The pumps apply correct 
installation quantities.
Each pump has gradient
markings.  The supplied
installation chart, ensures the correct amount is installed  
            All grades of Puncturesafe gel also available in 1000 litre
bulk containers 
  • Installed through the valve
  • One Application lasts the legal life of a tyre
  • Applied before punctures occur
  • Permanent protection against punctures and blow-outs
  • Helps prevent tyre walls overheating
  • Repairs punctures as they happen
  • Improves fuel MPG
  • Repairs punctures permanently
Designed not to disguise a damaged or dangerous casing
Puncturesafe is not
just a 'get you home'
The polymer based gel
and specially developed synthetic fibres repair punctures,
Unlike emergency pressurised repair cans supplied with some vehicles, Puncturesafe Gel lasts and does not require further attention
Puncturesafe is applied before punctures occur,
Why risk the cost of tyre damage inconvenience of punctures in the
first place? 
Fraction of the cost of a replacement tyre, breakdown inconvenience, risks, call out costs, being stranded
Protects casing fabric
Does not corrode tyres
or Rims 
Washes away with cold water 
Provide us with your tyre sizes and we can advise on correct quantity and cost
Safety and cost saving benefits of installing Puncturesafe
  • Increases tyre life
  • Helps maintain correct pressures
  • Maintains good road handling
  • Improves overall MPG figures
  • Helps prevent tyre walls overheating
  • Helps prevent blow-outs
  • Preserves cases for re-treading
  • Tested at high speeds
  • Increases tread life
  • Simple to install
  • Gel washes away with cold water
  • Different grades available
  • None corrosive formula
  • Lasts the legal life of the tyre
  • Reduces vehicle down time
  • Reduces running costs
  • Huge cost savings for fleet operators
  • Protects drivers and passengers
  • Improves road safety
  • Seals punctures as they happen
  • Repairs are permanent
  • Ideal for vehicles without a spare
  • Preserves casings
  • Does not corrode wheels
  • Only one installation required
  • Operates in extreme conditions
  • Reduces tyre porosity
  • Will not disguise damaged or unsafe tyres
Puncturesafe, prototype Storm roof rack and mobile video recorder, plus vehicle cameras, being tested in the Sahara Desert 2006
Image © Copyright Wayne Mitchelson
Storm Roof Rack.  Test Vehicle Land Rover Defender 110.
 Puncturesafe Gel installed prior to Sahara Desert, pressure monitors fitted to each wheel.  Vehicle featured in Land Rover Magazine
 1000's of miles later, no loss of tyre pressures since 2006, still no punctures (we are aware of) to date
minimal tread wear
Punctures do not wait for ideal locations, time schedules, road conditions, weather, or time of day. Puncturesafe is designed to be installed BEFORE punctures happen
You can protect four tyres of an average family car, twin axle caravan or trailer for £45.00,
that's just £11.25 per tyre.  Protect two tyres of a motorcycle, single axle caravan or trailer for £25.00,
that's just £12.50 each.  Costs relate to tyre sizes.  Quote tyre sizes for price.  
Large discounts available for fleet vehicle owners
Puncture Safe Gel has been tested and proven round the world, in extreme conditions
Tim & Rat Car 1 in Poland 
Tim & Rat Car 1 Dalton Highway Alaska-50°
Tim & Rat Car 1 Urals Russia 
66,000 Miles Round The World and No Punctures
Before setting out on his World adventures
 installed Puncturesafe into the
tyres of Tim Dennis's Toyota Land Cruiser
(Rat Car 1).
The vehicle covered in excess of 66,000 miles through extreme conditions and temperatures down to minus 49°. 
Tim quoted "I don't know if I have had a puncture or not"
Tim Dennis 
Reduction in Fuel Running Costs
Silvie and Neil Rambling Rat
(Rat Car 2) For Africa

Puncture Safe saves on fuel

"Neil and I can attest to the following".  "We have noticed an increase of 50 miles per tank of diesel and our tyre pressure has maintained from installation". 
Neil and Silvie

Permanent Protection from punctures and blow-outs

A cost saving solution for fleet vehicle operators 
The wall of the tyre on the left was damaged when Tim was in Russia.
The damaged tyre was removed when Tim arrived in the USA.
Charged with Puncturesafe it amazingly still holds its pressure.
Image taken at Billing Show UK 2010 by Neil Rautenbach of Rambling Rat II 
Visit to Puncture Safe Factory
Left to Right:  Graham, Scientist & CEO, Peter World Sales Manager
& Dani from Pro Edge Ltd
Graham explaining the technical processes of how Puncturesafe is produced and the new high tech processing machinery being built.
Graham posing whilst Dani and Peter share a private joke.
Graham was explaining how they are contunually improving the formula.  The product now contains 80% polymers, out performing all contenders.
This product really does work!
Rambling Rat II For Africa
Puncturesafe installed into the tyres of Rat Car II
  David Matthews Installing puncturesafe at Footloose 4x4 Peterborough
Silvie (IT Expert) and Neil (Qualified Teacher) gave up their time by helping
marginalised children and setting up self-help projects, organising
teaching sessions, whilst raising awareness for the global children's charity
Street Kids International 
Pro-Edge installed a mobile video recorder and two high definition cameras into Neil and Silvie's Toyota Land Cruiser.
The vehicle was also live tracked through Africa by ISOTRAK
For extra safety Puncturesafe was also installed into their four tyres.
Since the installation of Puncturesafe the Toyota returned an additional 50 miles per tank of fuel.

Silvie and Neil's journey to Africa took them through

France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania,

Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan,

Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia,

Botswana and on to Cape Town South Africa, 

Their home was a Toyota Land Cruiser, Rat II.

In May 2011 arrived back in South Africa, with no Punctures or blow-outs

 is an authorised UK distributor of

Puncturesafe Gel

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