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Transport CCTV, Railway CCTV, Anti Piracy & Shipping CCTV, Black Box Vehicle Cameras, GPS Tracking, Fuel Theft Prevention

Rapid Deployment Surveillance CCTV
Ant-social behaviour, drug dealing, nuisance neighbours, crowd control, disturbance 'hot-spots', vandalism,
class-room control, personal protection, retail and storage monitoring - and more.  Mains and vehicle options 
Rapid Deployment Domes
Self contained CCTV
Attach to Lamp Posts
Move between locations
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CCTV Surveillance
For the protection of
people and property 
Rapid Deployment CCTV
Complete, self-contained
portable CCTV/audio
recording unit 
1 ~4 cameras 
Crime Prevention and Detection
Complete CCTV Recording Systems in a Custom Made Case
We supply Rapid Deployment Surveillance systems to our customer's specification. 
From a basic single camera recorder up to four cameras with audio recording facilities.
Ideal for Local Authorities, Police, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Security Companies
Custom Made Case 
Sturdy design, Hexi type board sides, protective metal edges, twin locks
Ample Storage 
Split level storage of essential items.
Additional accessory case also supplied FOC
Safe 12 Volt System
Complete with 240~12Vt Power Supply 
Secure dedicated connectors for each type of accessory
Protection Divider  Doubles up as a work surface and extra protection for screen.  Items can be stored in the lid
Colour Monitor 
Provided with an LCD Colour monitor for initial set-up of camera/s.
Camera storage
Base Compartment Houses the Hard Disc Drive recorder and accessories.  Fan cooled case.
    Images date and time stamped.  Burn data to CD or DVD
 Ideal for Local Authorities, Police, Supermarkets, Security Companies
 Simple operation, plug in, automatically goes to 'auto-record' 
1 Connect Power Plug
Turn on power
(Goes into auto-record) 

2 Aim Camera

Unit automatically goes into record mode
Aim camera on subject, turn off screen
Close and lock case
(Images date and time stamped) 

3 Capture Data

Data easily down-loaded from the removable hard drive to a PC
Prices start from ¬£1,495.00, excluding VAT and carriage
Data easily downloaded to a PC/Laptop. Free Software. Free Training 
 110/240~12 Volt system.  Vehicle connection Options.
Locking Interchangeable Hard-Drive for fast secure retrieval of data
High definition cameras capable of recording in low light conditions
Sound recording options available (tuned to voice frequencies)
High Definition Day/Night Camera Options
Cameras supplied to customers requirements
35 x Zoom, auto focus camera:  Suitable for most applications. Operates in low light conditions
Manual focus camera:  Operates in extremely low light conditions. 
Fixed focus cameras ensure that target images are not affected by blurring as a result of passing objects.
Cameras provided with connection leads.
35 x Zoom
Auto Focus 
Quick to set up
Operates in low light conditions
Digital auto focus
Mounted from the top or base
35 x Zoom Auto Focus 
Easily sited using supplied mount
Window suction mount shown here 
35 x Zoom Auto Focus
Can be mounted on one of our mini tripods, or using a full size tripod
+520 TVL
0.5 ~ 0.01 LUX
3.9 ~ 85.8 Lens
Manual Focus Low Light Operation 

Window sited using a suction mount.  This type of camera can also be mounted in a suitable exterior case for public protection and detection areas.

Manual Focus Low Light Operation 
0.003 LUX
530TVL Colour Day
600TVL Night B/W
Manual Focus Low Light Operation 

Can be mounted on mini or full size tripod.  Options of lens sizes

Basic system, to multiple cameras and audio recording options
Rapid Deployment Kit Options
Any combination of auto zoom, auto focus, fixed focus, various lenses, high definition day/night cameras.
Additional Hard Drive Caddys
Audio recording units. Panic Button for electronic marking of recordings, for quick location of incidents. Full size and miniature tripods, free software
Miniature audio units, tuned to voice frequencies
Sample option of 35 x Zoom, Auto and fixed focus, day/night cameras 
Free training, simple instruction help sheets, plus full manual on CD 
 CM Rule
Strong reinforced
custom-made case
Twin locks, carry handle
Simple, secure external connections
Connect up to four cameras 
Microphone connection
AV Out option
12 Volt operation from vehicles
Dedicated sockets ensure correct connection of components 
Fan cooled case

Simple Data retrieval 

  • Disconnect Power
  • Unlock Case
  • Change hard drive
  • Take unit to next surveillance site
  • Take hard drive back to base
  • Down-load data to PC
Covert option examples 
We are able to custom design covert units
Smoke Alarm
PIR Detector
Box File
False Hollow Book

Rapid Deployment Surveillance Domes

Complete CCTV recording system
Remote access via controller 
Compact design.  
Various sizes and specifications to suit application
Move between lamposts
Mini Dome Rapid Deployment CCTV system 
4 channel base station briefcase receiver for above dome
  • Ruggedized case
  • Integrated 10" TFT LCD Monitor
  • Integrated Video receiver and telemetry transmitter
  • Remote camera on/off keypad for full camera and optional DVR remote control
  • 12V integral battery/mains
  • Camera and case battery status
  • Composite video output
  • Optional integral video recorder (HDVR, Hi-8 mini DVR)
  • 20 presets/1 tour
Call us to arrange for a personal call by our security advisor on the type of system to suit your application and budget
Complete Rapid Deployment CCTV Solution
The following images are for example only 
With a power supply pick-up point in place, the Rapid Deployment CCTV Domes can be quickly and easily moved between sites
Shopping Precincts 
Rapid Deployment Domes easily moved 
between surveillance sites

High Risk Areas Covered

Monitor Play Ground Equipment and Car Parks
Secure evidence and re-site
We can also supply a range of posts for permanent installation at trouble spot surveillance sites
Rapid Deployment Domes moved from site to site using your own cherry picker, or we can arrange for our experienced team can move them for you.  Terms apply 

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