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            Storm Roof Racks
Probably the strongest and most versatile roof rack on the market
(and possibly the last one you will ever need to purchase)

Designed to last
Strength, durability, versatility, stylish, reduced drag, built to last. 
Excellent strength to weight ratio. 
Patent Office Registered Design aluminium profile and fixings
Important Notice  Storm 4 x 4 Roof Rack Web site for sale
Due to the rapid growth of our other business interests, i.e. Fleet Vehicle CCTV, Railway CCTV, International Anti-Piracy Shipping CCTV projects, we reluctantly had to suspend further production of the Storm Roof Rack and will be looking at selling associated elements of the product and dedicated web site. 
This decision is not taken lightly and we apologise to those of you who would consider owning the finest roof rack on the market.  

Tim Dennis and Rambling Rat
We custom-built a 2.4Mtr long by 1.418Mtr wide Storm Roof Rack for Tim Dennis's Toyota Land Cruiser 80, for with his World Wide journey mission to help others
Tim sold his house in Scotland and embarked on a round-the-world expedition to help marginalised children, empower them to set up youth programmes and projects and promote the global children's charity, Street Kids International
Tim has since travelled 66,000 miles in all conditions.  The Storm Rack has proven itself by supporting huge weights without fault.  Tim's own words "A World Beater"
 Below left, Tim before he set out on his World travels         Tim's vehicle after covering 66,000 miles. 
                                                                                                Billing Land Rover show 2010
Our engineers custom manufactured and fitted a sun visor to the front of the rack to protect Tim from direct sunlight, deflect lamp glare, provide a stepping point for access to the top
Left: Director engineers Alan and Gerry working on a new rack. 
Right: Tim's bespoke sun visor
Tim's Toyota Land Cruiser 80 dropped into a four feet deep hole in Russia, bending the front axle and suspension, snapping the ratchet straps securing components to the roof rack.  
After 66,000 miles the Storm Roof Rack still remained unscathed
See Tim's testimonial at and further comments at
Storm4x4 ® is a registered trade mark
Legal Notice: The Storm Roof Rack design, profile, fixings and brackets are protected by Patent Application and Design Registrations 
Flat bed rack, expertly welded using a high-tech pulse welding system.  You only have to fit the support legs.
Not a 'flat-pack nightmare' where to avoid collapse, forever needs tightening up.  Easily fit your accessories by using
the specially designed securing channels.  No specialist captive nuts to buy, just simple off-the-shelf stainless bolts.
Tip: When using stainless lock nuts and bolts, always lubricate the threads first as stainless can 'friction weld'.
Various components including brackets, fixings and profile are all protected by a number of Design Registrations with the (IPO) Patent Office
Rack Price Examples
Powder Coating 
Land Rover Defender Single Cab 
Land Rover Defender 90
Land Rover Defender 110
Toyota Land Cruiser 80 
Ladders for rear £195.00 each.  Roof Rack prices exclude powder coating, please check powder coating prices.
Powder Coating Process helps prolong good looks and provides base metal protection.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 
  • All Prices exclude delivery and VAT.
  • By prior arrangement racks can be collected direct from Factory in Hilsea Portsmouth.
  • Please allow approximately 4 weeks for build and shipping.
Delivery by TNT, England £60 - £75.00, Scotland, other locations and overseas to be confirmed first. 
Prices can change without prior notice so please check with us first.  
50% deposit with order, balance to be paid prior to shipping, or total payment with order.
We can take BACS or card payments.
Our intentions are to extend the Storm Rack for other makes of vehicle, not just 4x4
This is not an ordinary Roof Rack, if you want the best then the Storm Rack is the ultimate
If you have any comments regarding this project please contact: 
David Matthews @  Please substitute at for @
Andy and his 110 in the Alps sporting a Storm Roof Rack.
Andy now has a new Defender 110 and has moved the rack with double ladders to his new vehicle.  Andy's comments "Superb Rack"
Thanks for the great images Andy
Grant M's 110 Double cab with custom made rear ladders                          Alan J's Defender 90 with Storm Rack
Visit or new Storm Roof Racks web site, see Tim Dennis's witness testimony.