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with our dash and multi camera solutions
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Pro-Edge supply dash camera systems including HGV camera systems, marine camera systems and rail camera systems.

From single dash cameras to multi camera solutions including Street Angel dash cameras, 360 Eye Data multi cameras and Thinkware dash cameras.

Reduce claims and running costs with dash camera systems for the transport industry. Protect drivers, staff and property with options of live GPS Tracking, remote live-view and automatic cloud ‘impact’ data storage.

Pro-Edge is dedicated to protecting your fleet and assets.

HGV camera systems

HGV camera systems
  • Dash cameras hard wired
  • Multi-camera IP/AHD systems
  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Remote live view via 3G

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Rail camera systems

Rail camera systems
  • Rail compliant IP/67-68 cameras
  • Wi-fi image transmission
  • Computerised HDD recording
  • Day/night image recording

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Marine camera systems

Marine camera systems
  • Marine grade IP cameras
  • Day/night, IP, Giro & thermal options
  • Computerised HDD recording
  • Man-overboard detection
  • Anti-piracy monitoring

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Street Angel camera systems

The Most Advanced Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR) oN the Market

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ic360 multi camera systems

From single to multi-camera reliable In-Vehicle CCTV Recording systems

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Thinkware dash camera systems

Hard Wired Dash Cameras Installed by our Engineers

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JCB Insurance are strong advocates of CCTV and Telematics and work hard to ensure clients who invest in and use this type of technology receive the insurance benefits they deserve.

Michael Gregory, Director & General Manager
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Multi-camera system for Landrover
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At Pro-Edge we had predicted early on the important role that mobile recording systems would have to play for different types of transport and the effects regarding the protection of people and property, whether it be for Road, Rail, or Marine.

To put multi-CCTV recording and a prototype roof rack to the test, in 2006 we installed a multi-camera system to an overland - expedition prepared 110 Land Rover. The multi-camera system was first tested in parts of France, venturing into remote mountain areas, through forest passes and crossing rivers.

Then later on during 2006 joining an overland team to the extremes of the Sahara Desert, sleeping in a roof tent (better than you imagine), encountering scorpions, dung beetles, desert foxes, snake tracks, nomadic tribes leading camels, camping in a number of remote areas (just sand as far as the eye could see) including desert oasis, being expertly led by a Bedouin Guide, eventually covering a total of over 3,000 miles.

Crossing the borders you are always challenged by officials 'no cameras, no pictures' whilst looking to see if you have any, not realising every event inside and outside the vehicle was being captured. A little different now.

Since then Pro-Edge Limited have installed mobile recording systems to marine vessels, rail units, heavy goods, light goods vehicles and many more. Technology since then has moved on in leaps and bounds, the current systems we install provide stunning broadcast quality images with live tracking and live view.